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Empire Automated Space Agency
Agency overview
Superseding agencies
TypeSpace Agency
JurisdictionSol System
HeadquartersSub Level 2, London City Spaceport, London, Angles
MottoFor the continuation of humanity
Official languageEnglish
Primary spaceportLondon City
OwnersBritish Government, Queen Nancy II
Annual budgetClassified

EASA or the Empire Automated Space Agency is an automated agency created by the London Analytical Computer during the completion of the 42 plans project. EASA's primary goals are furthering space travel capabilities and providing a infrastructure platform for humanity's continued survival in the universe. The primary functions are governed by several automated computers networked using various satellites and moon bases.


The creation of the EASA was part of the 42 plans. The entire catalog of empire space travel was added into the database of the computer, however at the time significant development was needed to increase the capability of surface to space rocketry. At the time of creation the technology was capable of launching several small satellites, however was incapable of much else.

The next stage of rocketry was designed for transporting several of the T-30D automated construction platforms into orbit around the earth. At this point several decades had passed and the remaining civilizations left upon the earth. Were no longer capable of space exploration and travel leaving the remnants of the empire free reign. By this time the engineers left to oversee the first years of implementation had died and the computer was left to iterate over the designs they had left it.

With the successful implementation of the T-30D platforms in space. Work was initiated for the first large scale infrastructure project, this consisted of the relocation of several large asteroids into a lunar orbit for mining and resource processing to further aid construction of more infrastructure.

Main Operations

Major operations for the most of the operational time of the agency consisted of creating and implementing further infrastructure to aid the colonization of the systems in Sol space. However with the partial breakthrough that occurred during the implementation of Plan 0 which resulted in a change of directive.

The advent of theoretical Faster Than Light corridors for space travel prompted the scope of the EASA to change.


In the 2100's with the rediscovery of the LAC by old empire citizens the project entered its final phase which culminates with the reintroduction of humanity to the operation of the empire. This led to the dissolution of the agency to be succeeded by the Empire Naval Command and the Human Naval Alliance.