Human Naval Alliance

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The Human Naval Alliance is the de facto body in control of the Human Empire. Officially just a government agency dedicated to the running of all human planetary and space faring operations military or civil, they coordinate all human interests outside of earth. Created following the dissolution of the EASA the Naval Alliance took control of production of new space craft and the colonization program. When the Alliance took control of the orbital factories and administration systems regarding the 42 plans project they unknowingly enacted the 43rd plan. Which locked down the LAC and denied access to its cores, it still provided certain information however the naval alliance decided against relying on its operation as they weren't sure who was in control.

With the advanced weaponry and craft produced by the LAC in the previous two centuries. The Alliance quickly became the controlling force on earth quickly defeating the remnants of the Japanese and American Empires and ushering in a new golden age for earth.