Jelkut-Normansson Field

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The Jelkut-Normansson Field is a proposed theoretical method for the manipulation of space-time allowing either faster than light travel or time travel. It was proposed by Johan Normansson and Nea Jelkut two theoretical physicists in the late 22nd century. The work was quickly pronounced as far fetched and unbelievable by the greater scientific community however following a mathematical proof on the subject by renowned mathematician James Nancy Pinnock. It became accepted as a legitimate theory on the manipulation of space-time.


The principle involves the quantum entanglement of at least a pair of sub atomic particles. Then using extreme amounts of energy you fold the two on top of each other this creates a fold in the universe which can therefore be held open with significantly less power than the requirements to open the initial corridor. The first proof set about by James Nancy only proved that under extreme circumstances such as two black holes in binary orbit could "bang" a hole through space-time. The energy actually required to artifically induce the field was far greater than human technology could ever hope to achieve.


A mathematically functional proof of artificial manipulation of the field was achieved in 2222 by the L.A.C. as a part of plan 0 of the 42 plans for human continuation first created in 2066.