The Futura wiki is an effort by the combined history and geographical departments of the University's of Oxford and Cambridge of Her Majesty's Second Empire. This data bank is being created to chronicle our history of the wider world, much of which was lost in the cleansing. And also provide an insight into the current geopolitical situations and major events that have occurred since June 9th 1955.

We attempt to keep this data bank up to date however this is not always feasible we currently estimate this to be valid up to 29th March 2820.


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There are currently 28 pages in this databank and 921 contributions have been made.


I found these data banks heavily corrupted. Whilst in Vienna. They were being sold a part of a technical manual for some kind of radio system. I don't know how they came to be stuck in the data drive of this thing. It's odd though because there appears to be corruption in places however in others it appears that this data bank was just not completed. I've figured out how to edit it though so I'm gonna add bits and pieces where I can.

- Signed Alex, Engineer of HMS TF4 (June, 3488)

Future Dated Articles

There appears to be a few articles that explain dates in the future of what this databank should hold. I have categorised these articles into the Future category Which can be found below

Future Dated Articles


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  • Siemens company
  • Empire Defence Industry postwar
  • Progression of nuclear technology.
  • Development of the shortwave packetised radio communication systems.