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This is the main timeline. History diverges with the successful assassination of Franklin. D. Roosevelt in 1933.

Pre WW2:

  • 1933: Successful assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt leading to vastly increased support of American isolationism and neutrality.
  • 1339: World War 2 begins.


  • May 1940: German invasion of Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This is the last time any of these states will ever exist.
  • May 1940: Operation Dynamo begins.
  • May 1946: A vicious stalemate breaks out in what was once France.

Post WW2 / The glory days:

  • With the complete destruction of European states, the British Empire assumes control of the entire area of Europe.
  • British Empire begins the rebuilding of Europe dubbing it Operation Rebound


2066 - 2140:

  • The US-Jap cold war goes hot resulting in extreme nuclear firestorm at each side of the conflict.
  • Detonation of HCT-bombs all over the British Isles.
  • Formation of the Old Angles Island
  • Unbeknownst to most this is when the 42-plans project went into full swing.


  • Creation of the first Parisian City State


  • Berlin begins trading relations with Paris


  • First City-State war results in annexation of Barcelona and Amsterdam for Paris.



  • Humanity makes its first foray into the stars. Which marks the beginning of the new Human Naval Alliance.
  • Colonization of mars begins.
  • Rebuild of the British isles begins.


  • Martian colony reaches first million population.
  • Earth population reaches pre war levels (10 billion).
  • London rebuild completed.


  • London City reaches a population of 1.5 billion.