Nazi Germany

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The collapse of Nazi Germany occurred at the end of the Second World War and brought about the massive change in Europe making it was we live in today. The Third Reich's racial ideologies caused it's war machine to fail and collapse under its own weight. As it became apparent that defeat was inevitable, an aging Adolf Hitler crippled by years of methamphetamine addiction gave his final order for the cleansing of the Reich's holdings. Just before his death in 1955.


The Final Order was the last operation conducted by the luftwaffe and marks the signatory end of the second world war. Operation Gebrochener Speer (Broken Spear) was devised as the final endgame in the event of losing the war. It was an expansive operation using the absolute last of the resources that was left. The firebombing destroyed many major cities such as Paris, Rome and Amsterdam whilst the chemical drops devastated the farmable regions. This event a desperate attempt by a madman to cling to any semblence of victory sealed the final nail in the coffin for much of mainland europe.