Nordic Nomadic Fleet

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The Nordic Nomadic Fleet is considered a terrorist organization by the HNA. All contact is strictly prohibited and civilian vessels should not engage with members of the NNF. The information contained below has been collected from various contemporary accounts for purely factual purpose and in no way constitutes the beliefs or opinions held by the HNA.


The NNF is believed to have at least 15 systems under there control however this figure cannot be confirmed as information regarding there locations and other official statistics is usually the result of extreme misinformation campaigns or lack of viable probes into NNF space. The NNF are the most well equipped adversary to the HNA usually deploying technological capability at least the level of the HNA if not greater. They operate heavy defensive systems at all mass corridors which exit into NNF space.


The NNF is the direct successor to the original Nordic Nomads that roamed the northern wastes between Siberia and America having acquired space faring technology 2 years after the discovery of the LAC, thanks to the use of agents located within the Parisian government. Whilst the Parisian government struggled what to do they nomads regrouped at there traditional base in what use to be the Norse countries and quickly ran into space before the HNA retook the earth.

Relationship with the LAC

It's believed that the NNF has some kind of dedicated link with the LAC or at least some kind of quantum AI device. They moved all civilian fleets out of the way of the Mass corridor rift event with only a few minutes to spare. Whether or not they have figured out how to control quantum AI either by force or by aligning it with human interests is currently unknown.

Confidential Information (NNF commanders only)
NNF Command has a direct link to the LAC. It's also granted amnesty inside NNF space. LAC operations will identify as NNF-0002-XZX-SWE-1. Do not engage LAC operations unless under explicit order from a current NNF commander.


The NNF operates the most successful espionage agency in the known galaxy. The scope of there operations is currently unknown, whilst the HNA has the advantage of sheer mass and size the NNF are masters at striking quickly and moving before HNA vessels can intercept.

Several documents and technologies have been stolen from the NNF the two most important however are the existence of stealth propulsion systems fitted to all fleet ships the second is the knowledge that the NNF retains information related to the LAC and the old world. NNF documents state the LAC is still fully operational however HNA intelligence would state otherwise. The NNF also has extensive knowledge of the mathematics behind the Jelkut-Normansson field meaning the HNA can not be reliably predict the superliminal flight capabilities of the NNF.