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The Satwave Network is an advanced network of satellites currently orbiting the planet it provides a high speed data and energy network and is the pinnacle of cutting edge science. Satwave was developed late in the 2060's by the British Radio Corporation.


It consists of 16 satellites placed around the world and 48 base station positioned within the empire's borders. These 16 satellites constitute the majority of the network with the base stations only being access points. Each of the satellites is designed with at least 4 transceivers however specifications allow for as much as 32 transceivers on each satellite. The larger satellites can be found clustered more heavily over large population centers or industrial complexes.

Some of the most complex and expensive land trains can be fitted with a small satwave transceiver capable of supplying a modest amount of power and also access to the complete network.


There is a set of protocols governing the satwave networks operation.

Protocol 32

In the event of loss of all base stations external to the L.A.C. the network goes into a type of lock down. Access is not permitted for either power or data transfer, and the network shall not reactivate unless correct codes are received from a access point. Upon reactivation the network will contact LAC for notification and authorization. The network will then cede authoritative control to the LAC.

Protocol 55

Under the event of LAC shutdown code broadcasted confirmation is attained via the use of moon based cryptographic units and the network will go into self destruct de powering satellites and pushing themselves into the earth atmosphere. Then all connected satwave units will receive notice of destruction.